Thursday, 25 June 2015

Birthdays and the Facebook problem

Ha! I posted only Six days later than when I said I would. It's still a struggle really, to post atleast once a week. Somedays, I get two or three ideas, that make me go "Oh yeah, That'd be great to post on my blog", and then, I just sit on them, for days on end, just turning them over in my mind. Believe me, when I say that I love to write, it's just that, I enjoy having these ideas bounce around in my mind all the time.

It's like having a rubik's cube that you can take out of your pocket whenever you feel bored, minus all the looks of annoyance that everyone around gives you for being a show-off.

So, anyway, yesterday was my birthday. I'm now a grand old chap of twenty summers. Leaving the teens was more panicky than I thought it would be. The sheltered shelf-life that I've led as a student and a son, so far is set to expire pretty soon, perhaps as soon as two summers henceforth.

Ah. Well. Reality.

So, one thing that I noticed was that, it's pretty easy for people to wish each other for occasions than it was say, in the nineties. Relatives as far away as Australia were able to wish me via Whatsapp, at practically no cost.

Yeah. Observant right? The thing is, a LOT and I mean a LOT of people, some whom I didn't even know were my friends on Facebook wished me on my wall. But what would have happened if, I'd entered my birth date incorrectly whilst filling in my personal details? what if I'd say, by mistake mentioned my birthday to be the 24th of August instead of June?

That was answered when it happened to a friend of mine. His wall was flooded with messages and wishes on group conversations. Poor chap had to clarify to everyone that it was not his birthday, and had to announce, to great general sadness, that the treat would not be forthcoming.

Wacky, innit? But think about this tidbit too. Facebook recently reached a deal with several websites to stream and host a lot of original content on their site itself. Like, if you were to open a link on facebook, on your phone, you'd be directed to a page on facebook itself, with several easy to access options to save or share the link via messenger.

It was pretty intuitive, and could make facebook a literal ocean of original content. Throw in the fact that it is pretty much standard to incorporate share options on literally any damn online page, and you have so many information being spread around each day, it'd probably take a lifetime to read everything sent around in a day.

So, what would happen if say, a hefty chunk of that information turned out to be misinformation? More and more pop culture reference sites, blogs, shops and social websites are being hosted on Facebook everyday. What would we do if something sufficiently believable, yet enough to cause panic were to hit the web?

With Facebook's increasing clout starting to remind us of the old saying "Putting all your eggs in one basket... " It could just cause some problems in the future.

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